A Welcome, and a Notice about 404 Errors

Hello, Romance Readers!

We here at A Novel Romance are so excited to have you. In just 10 days--July 15, 2023--we will be opening our doors to the public for the first time since I had this little idea a few months prior. We have books on shelves, bookish goodies in stock, and a deep excitement for sharing all the stories we house within with you.

I will save the serious and sentimental dedications for a later post, so for now I just want to say thank you so much for being as excited as we are for this little inclusive space for romance enthusiasts and for welcoming us into the Middletown community with open arms.

We can't wait to see you. Please stop by even if you just want to come in and rave about a book you couldn't put down or discuss your favorite tropes or plan for the holiday rom-com season. We're here not only to offer you a curated selection of romance books and gifts, but also to share in the joy these stories bring to each of our lives.

On the note of 404 errors, you may see that you receive one if you try to look at our selection of books. As this is a very small, independent operation, updating books with all of the information needed to bring them to your screen is a very long and tedious process. We are so happy to do it and are working diligently to bring online ordering to you as soon as possible! Our current ETA for having books ready to be sold online is August 15, but we will update you if that changes or we're able to bring them to you sooner (fingers crossed!!). In the meantime, almost all of our other products are available online to be picked up in store or shipped directly to you. 

Again, we so look forward to being your new book besties! Stay tuned for more information about our grand opening, our latest reads, updates on our book club--and so much more.

Happy reading!

Jonlyn and the A Novel Romance Team

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