About Us

Who is A Novel Romance?

Our vision at A Novel Romance is to be an inclusive destination for romance enthusiasts and a sanctuary where the magic of love and literature intertwine.

At A Novel Romance, our mission is to ignite a passion for romance and literature by providing a curated selection of captivating books, bookish items, and novelty gifts. We aim to create an immersive and enchanting experience for our customers, inspiring them to embark on journeys of love, imagination, and personal growth. Through book clubs, co-working spaces, and engaging events, we strive to foster a warm and inclusive community, where connections are forged and stories are shared. Our mission is to be a haven where readers, writers, and romance enthusiasts can gather, celebrate, and embrace the transformative power of storytelling in all its forms.

Embracing diversity and promoting inclusivity in all aspects of our store, ensuring that everyone feels welcome and represented within our community of romance lovers.

Inspiring our customers & vendors to embrace their passions and discover their own strengths through the transformative power of romance and literature.

Service Excellence
Committed to providing exceptional customer service, going above and beyond to create a memorable and
delightful experience for every visitor to A Novel Romance.

Fostering a space that nurtures and celebrates creativity, encouraging writers, readers, and dreamers to explore new horizons and unleash their imaginations.

Conducting business with honesty, transparency, and respect for our customers, authors, and community,
always striving to uphold the highest ethical standards.

Infusing every interaction with a sense of joy, bringing smiles and delight to our customers through our curated collection, warm atmosphere, and engaging events.