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Annika Champenois

A Cocky Catch (Paperback)

A Cocky Catch (Paperback)

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A Cocky Catch is a romantic comedy and the story of Surrey, the girl who gets to date the good guy just before he finds his dream girl. Surrey is gorgeous, accident-prone, and tired of losing her boyfriends. She has lost five during her time at BYU. Five! On top of that, she falls victim to a hidden camera prank at the beginning of a new semester and is annoyed to find that the perpetrator of the prank is in one of her classes. Cocky and unapologetic, Croft sets out to make Surrey go on a date with him. As the semester progresses and she sees no end to his pestering, Surrey makes the ultimate decision to get rid of She gives in, certain that if she dates him, he will find his dream girl and move on like each of her near-fiancées did. Unfortunately, there are more hidden cameras at stake than either of them realizes, and Surrey may be at risk of more than another broken heart. This wholesome new adult romance with a bit of suspense will make you laugh, shiver, and cheer as the love story unfolds between a confident woman and her exasperating counterpart.

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