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Jillian Graves

Blood Moon (Paperback)

Blood Moon (Paperback)

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- 6' Plus Size Witch
- Mind Reading Vampire
- Lovers to Rivals to Lovers
- Grumpy Heroine/ Smart-ass Hero
- One Night Stand
- Mirror Play

Hazel has one thing on her mind when she arrives at her coven's supernatural mixer: find a big and hairy creature to make her forget all about her bar's latest troubles. The hottest club in Los Angeles may be stealing her customers, but for one night she wants to ditch her responsibilities and indulge her fantasies.

When relief unexpectedly arrives fur-free and with fangs, the witch gets more than she bargained for. An anonymous one-night stand becomes a whole lot more complicated when it's with a mind-reading vampire... especially when Vlad might be the one responsible for her nightlife nightmares.

Blood Moon is a Strange Moon novella taking place in the same universe as Titan: A Gargoyle Daddy Dom, and takes place between Book 1 and Book 2 in the Romancing His Stone series. Don’t be surprised if a gargoyle or other familiar characters make an appearance.

Please note the Strange Moon Novella series is lighter in tone and plot than the Romancing His Stone series, but packs the same spicy punch.
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