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Rachel Hanna

Fireflies & Family Ties

Fireflies & Family Ties

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When Meg shows up at her mother's door, she has no idea how to break the news to her.

She's come home from France, pregnant. At just nineteen years old, this wasn't where she saw her life going.

Now, trying to hide her growing belly and figure out her next decision, she moves in with her mother, sister and aunt on Seabreeze Island. But, how long can she keep her pregnancy a secret, and what happens if another surprising person shows up at the front door of Julie's house?

In this 3rd installment of the South Carolina Sunsets series, you'll get to read Meg's story and also see more of Dawson and Julie's story unfold. Of course, Janine, William, Colleen and Dixie will be there too!

But, what will happen when a woman from Dawson's past shows up and might just throw a kink in his relationship with Julie?
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