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Bella Blair

My Christmas Alien Mate

My Christmas Alien Mate

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Christmas star-crossed lovers meet across the Galaxies.

AMBER: My world is crumbling when I face losing my family home, but I'm determined to spend one last Christmas there and enjoy it. One night, strange lights lure me out to the lake, where fate takes a sudden twist, as I fall into the icy waters, only to be rescued by… a blue alien.
Galexor is everything I could have ever imagined in a man and soon it's not only the ambers in the fire that burn hot, but the very air between us is charged with passion.

GALEXOR: Send on scouting mission to Earth, I was ordered not to make contact with the Earthlings. How could I not though. A female nearly drowned, I had to save her.
When I get to know her better though, I'm reluctant to leave and she agrees to take me around town to show me the strange Christmas tradition the Earthlings are celebrating this time of the year.
Soon I realize the Earthlings and their charming town are not the only things I'm falling in love with. It doesn't take long to learn that the true magic of the Earthling's season lies in the embrace of an unexpected love.
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