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Rachel Hanna

Spying on the Billionaire

Spying on the Billionaire

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Daisy Davenport doesn’t like change. She’s lived in her hometown her entire life, and when a shopping mall project threatens to destroy her small town, she decides to stop it.

Tristan Spencer is a self-made billionaire and single dad of an eight-year old little girl. A workaholic, he totally forgets summer break is starting. He promised Elliana they’d take a beach vacation, but when the long-time nanny quits unexpectedly, he’s forced to rely on an agency to send a temporary nanny to the beach house.

When he opens the door, Daisy is standing there ready to confront him about his mall project, but he mistakes her for the new nanny. Taking it as her opportunity to get inside, Daisy makes the craziest decision of her life to go undercover.

But she never expects to fall in love with a billionaire and his daughter. Will she stop the mall without ruining her relationship with them both? Or will she blow her cover and lose everything she never knew she wanted?
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