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Wildly Enough

Sticker - Xaden Riorson with Sgaeyl | Fourth Wing

Sticker - Xaden Riorson with Sgaeyl | Fourth Wing

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Xaden Riorson weilding shadows and looking fierce with Sgaeyl flying in the background.

*Sticker Details*

- 3x2.5 in. sticker

- Vinyl printed stickers - fast and easy bubble-free application

- Waterproof & Weatherproof - dishwasher safe, can be placed on cars and water bottles

- Removes with little to no residue, any residue can be easily removed with hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol

* Packaging Options *

- Stickers can be packaged loose or individually (with or without a hang tag.)

- Packaging preferences confirmed once order is placed via message.

Artwork inspired by Fourth Wing, written by Rebecca Yarros. Artwork copyright ©2023 by Wildly Enough, LLC. Reprinted by permission of Entangled Publishing acting as agent for the author.

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