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Rachel Hanna

Sunsets & Second Chances

Sunsets & Second Chances

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He's standing in front of her...

... after ten long years.

No one knows why Dixie's son is standing there, on Christmas Day, no less. And he doesn't look happy.

Dixie is keeping a big secret that will shake up everyone around her.

Julie's daughter, Colleen, is coming home for a visit, but she's not alone.

Janine makes a new friend, but nobody is thrilled about it.

Julie and Dawson question their budding relationship. Will they move forward or decide that being friends is the best way to go?

There's so much happening on this little island, including the return of Julie's ex husband and a shocking surprise at the end.

This women's divorce fiction book will give you all the feels. Grab your tissues and go on a journey with this quirky cast of characters. Get it now.
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